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Ava Elisabeth: August 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Go Jags


The Jaguars had their first preseason game and we decided to make it a family trip and invite Adam’s parents to use Mike & Christi’s tickets they had given us. Ava and I don’t usually go to preseason games, but I knew some of her buddies would be there, so we decided to go.


There is a boy and his dad who sit beside us and they are some of the nicest people, we are lucky to sit around a good group of people. The little boy just loves to talk and will make good company for Ava


It’s amazing to think how much she has grown and changed in the past 8.5 months. I have a feeling as much as she has loved the games the past 3 years, she is going to love them that much more! She had a great time!


My parents went and since we were all there we decided to go out to eat before the game and then head to the game. It was hot, but it wasn’t unbearable, I’m just hoping it cools off A LOT in the next few weeks, but that probably isn’t a realistic thought.



Brody, Trevor, and Baylie were all at the game. They all had such a good time together, but trying to get a picture of the four of them- well, it was an ordeal…..



Aren’t they cute?!


Oh! I should also mention that I will have to eat my words about Ava not making the jumbotron. She finally made it- twice! Both times were only for a split second and her daddy didn’t see it either time, nor did I have a chance to get a picture, but she finally made it- haha!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Little Ballerina


Ava started tap and ballet classes Thursday. She was so excited and after warming up to the teacher and her fellow ballerinas, she danced away to her little heart’s content. She dances 24/7, and doesn’t care who is watching! They practiced a few dance basics and had such a fun time. Between school 2 days a week and dance, this girl is quickly becoming very busy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Interview with Ava


I decided I’m going to start interview Ava once a month- I know that might seem a little excessive, but I am going to love seeing how her answers change (or don’t change). Here is her August interview:

What is your name? Ava –complete with the spelling- A-V-A – Elisabeth - “Ewisabeth”

How old are you? 2

What is your favorite color? Blue

Who is your best friend? Mommy *melt my heart!*


What is your favorite animal? giraffe

What do you want to be when you grow up? At first she said she didn’t want to grow up, but later said she wanted to be a Kitten and Daddy is going to be a wolf. She really enjoys the 3 Little Pigs story, but I’m afraid she doesn’t quite understand that the wolf is the bad guy….

What is your favorite move? “Punzel” aka Tangled

What is your favorite book? Who’s not sleepy? a Mickey Mouse book…. I was very surprised by this one and she was describing it to me and I thought I knew which book she was talking about, but wasn’t completely sure, so she went and brought it to me


What makes you happy? Chick-fil-a

What makes you sad? Starbucks- they were closed the other night when we went to get some…the next morning, as soon as she woke up she came and told me that Starbucks was open now because the sun was up! – So sweet!

What is your favorite food to eat? Macaroni & Cheese

What is your favorite song to sing? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or “Holy” aka Bless your name

What games do you like to play? Jump Rope


Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Ava spent the day with my grandparents at the beach and I spent the afternoon shopping for birthday party supplies so I met them for dinner and Ava wanted her picture taken with the jaguar.


It was so humid outside that my camera lens fogged up since I had just walked out of the restaurant, so most of the pictures have that “dreamy” effect- haha! She had to show everyone how she could sit on his (her?) back and then sit on his neck.


Mason and Caroline came over to the house to swim and hang out with Ava and after swimming a little while, they came in and watched Tangled. Mason hadn’t ever seen the movie so Ava was only too happy to oblige :) She of course, had to show him her “punzel” doll. Adam came home from work for a few minutes before heading out to play basketball and almost didn’t want to leave because he wanted to finish the movie (ssshhhhh!!! don’t tell him I told on him!) haha!


Ava couldn’t decide if she wanted to sit beside Mason (or often almost on top of him) or lay down on her new “school” mat- They were so cute watching the movie together!


A couple Friday nights ago, the Jaguars open the stadium and allow fans in to watch a scrimmage. We went and took Ava. I’m so glad she still enjoys the games. She always gets so excited when we start heading towards the stadium.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Gigi!


My mom’s birthday was a few weeks ago so a bunch of girls got together and went out to eat to celebrate. Mom knew she was going to meet some of her friends for dinner, but we didn’t tell her who all was going to be there, she didn’t know that Ava and I were going to be there either. Of course, we pulled in at the same time, so she quickly figured it out.


Dad and Adam almost ruined it too when the mentioned something to her about eating out for her birthday…. leave to guys (I’m rolling my eyes here) Adam’s response when I said something: “You didn’t say it was surprise!” Well, no, but I also didn’t think you would say something to my mom about her birthday dinner either…. Oh well, she didn’t figure it out so we were still able to keep it a surprise until she saw us pull in.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ava’s First Day


Ava’s first day of “school” was today. She is going 2 days a week to a preschool/daycare and today was her first day. We had her backpack and lunchbox packed and had her mat, pillow, and blanket ready to go! She was so excited.


I had her lunch box filled with some of her favorites to help ensure a fantastic 1st day. She had cheese, grapes, yogurt, teddy grahams, and juice (plus even a little note from her mommy, that she could read :) )


I wasn’t really worried about how she would do, I knew she would be fine, ever since we got over the hump (you know, the one where they cry until you are out of sound range and then stop…) at church, she has loved going and playing. I knew she would think of school as the same way. She was a little hesitant at first, but she never lost her smile and almost as quick as she showed the hesitation she was off and hardly looked back. I joked with one of her teachers and said it really wasn’t Ava I was worried about….


My problem comes when I look at this picture and see such a big girl! Hard to believe almost 3 years ago she was just making an appearance into this world!  I never cried, but I did have tears in my eyes as we drove to school- it truly is bittersweet- I made the comment to Adam, wondering what I am going to be like when she actually starts Kindergarten! When I picked her up, she didn’t want to leave, which of course is a good sign in my book- I’m glad she had a great time! Her biggest story of the day? She “rode a bike roundy thing and pedaled”. Oh, and “she fell on the swing”- she always says it with a laugh!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Daddy’s ‘Do’ a la Ava


Since Ava (still) doesn’t have much hair, she likes to do others for them. A few days ago, she cornered her daddy and he sweetly obliged :) I couldn’t resist taking pictures!


Such precision and care that girl has! haha! I couldn’t help but think back as I was taking pictures to when I would do my own dad’s hair, complete with clips- such a good sport he was- and to a little girl playing ‘hair salon’ it meant the world! I’m certain Ava felt the same way!


She was so proud of her masterpiece that she completed thanks to her daddy’s thick head of hair! I know it probably wasn’t Adam’s proudest moment ;) but she thought it was pure perfection!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Atlanta Mart


Our annual trip to Atlanta- such a fun time! We headed up Wednesday evening pulling into the Westin Peachtree a little before midnight. Its always a fun trip, but I’ll be honest- leaving Ava behind with her daddy left me feeling a little sad and guilty.


Our view out the window- you can see Olympic park and 2 of the 3 Americas Mart buildings (bottom right)


You could also see the Georgia aquarium and even though you can’t see any from the pictures, you could begin to see some of the mountains in the distance.

Photo Jul 14, 2 05 19 PM (HDR)1

We got up early and headed to check in at the Mart and start shopping. We decided to get there a day before the temps opened and hoped the crowds would be less. It was one of the smartest decisions we made- we hit most of the children’s stores and walked through a lot of the Christmas showrooms and stopped in a few of the permanent jewelry stores and clothing stores.

Photo Jul 14, 10 14 10 AM (HDR)1

A majority of the people at this are women, although they are a good number of guys- but the majority is still women and a large majority of that majority are southern, boutique owning women, there is just something about being around those “types” of ladies that makes everything fun…. I tried to explain it to Adam, but he doesn’t get it. Let me explain it this way, the southern hospitality is tried and true- you don’t have to worry about your bags getting stolen or someone bumping into you and not being apologetic or even someone trying to cut in front of you in a forever long line and of course- everyone is always more than willing to gab and offer any advice you ask for on what necklace looks best :)  Now, saying all of that- you will occasionally see some interesting characters- as in blue haired- patched jeans guys…. sitting in a shabby chic style showroom- interesting combination!

Photo Jul 14, 10 21 14 AM1

In addition to interesting people, you will see these crazy outfits ;) I texted this to Adam and he responded back- ‘Get it!’ haha! Sorry hunny, but I’m not sure how crazy I’ll be about pins sticking in me :)

 Photo Jul 14, 3 49 48 PM1

Of course later in the day, I texted Adam and said that Prince William proposed to which he responded, ‘Oh, that’s funny, because Kate just called’ – such love between us huh?!

Photo Jul 15, 2 51 19 PM (HDR)1

It was a full day of shopping- we literally shopped from 8:30 to 6. The second day started on the 1st floor of building 3. This building is 13 floors full of pure goodness. The 13th floor isn’t anything but children’s clothing and accessories. Brand names such as Rosalina, Feltman Bros, Bailey Boys, Doodlebugs, Mom & Me, etc. You name it- its here- at wholesale prices! We spent a majority of the day on the first floor, however. It is all cash and carry with every piece of jewelry you could imagine. Plus a couple of clothing stores- and of course- crazy busy!

Photo Jul 15, 3 29 56 PM (HDR)1

We finished most of our shopping on the 2nd day and had just a few things left for the 3rd day. Of course Caroline liked the huge flip-flop outside one of the stores :)


That night- Adam and Ava surprised me and showed up in Atlanta! ( I knew when they were on their way, but was still surprised they were coming- I figured Adam wouldn’t make the trip without me since he had Ava as well) We all ate at Durango’s which is just right around the corner from our hotel. It was nice staying downtown since everything was within walking distance.



She’s just too cute for words :)  I missed her so much (and Adam too! ;) )


We at lunch on Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe (again just around the corner) and that evening we headed to the Varsity and to the Braves game (you knew Adam had to have something in it for him to come, right?!)

Photo Jul 16, 9 24 07 PM

Ava and her pink Braves bat



Marty, Caroline, Ava, and myself- I love these girls! We had such a great time- and shared so many funny moments, a lot that isn’t bloggable (Caroline!) It’s been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did with them. I can’t help but think ahead to these trips years from now when Ava joins us- although I don’t want to think to far ahead- I already complain about how she’s growing up too fast!



Ava and her tomahawk just like daddy’s


I tweeted that Ava had been to almost all of the Jaguar games since she was born, I think there are about 3 she hasn’t attended, but she hasn’t ever been on the jumbotron, but her second time to a Braves game, she makes it!

Ava and the top of Caroline’s head with the sweet family that sat behind us (the little boy’s name is Luke). Luckily I had my camera sitting in my lap and I guess it was just a reflex to grab my camera and take a picture- but I’m so glad I got it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happenings with Ava


We have started making trips up to the local library every other week. Ava loves to go and pick out books. I hope she always loves the library. I loved the library as a little girl and would make numerous trips to the library each summer! I still love to read, but time just isn’t always on my side….


Ava has also gotten into playing games. She is definitely a mama’s girl. She loves books, puzzles, and games- all three of those scream me- Adam runs the other direction when he hears even the slightest mention of any of those words.


Grammy and Big Papa came over one night to visit. Big Papa swam with Ava and later Grammy and Ava played Candyland. She has really gotten to where she likes the game and does really well playing it the right way- and she usually wins- and I mean really wins- we don’t let her- she just always seems to draw the right card.


My parents had a nest that Ava has been watching. It had little tiny eggs and a couple weeks ago they hatched and lo and behold baby birds! Ava got to see the baby birds all snuggled up in the nest. They have since flown away, but she thought it was neat to see them.


My dad’s new “man cave” he calls a shed- but sorry- this isn’t a shed….


I just have to say that this trampoline is 20+ years old and my parents haven’t ever had to replace anything on it. I know a large reason is because it stays in the shade, but it is now on it’s second generation of jumpers! Ava loves to jump on it!


Ava Elisabeth: August 2011

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