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Ava Elisabeth: January 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pass the remote please?

I'm sitting here watching tv and playing on the computer thinking I should "get the lead out" and get some things done around the house since itty bitty is asleep. Instead I'm watching the Disney Channel because Ava fell asleep while watching it and I just haven't felt the need to reach for the remote and change it...or it could just be that my life now revolves around the Disney Channel and truth be told I even get a little excited when a new episode of Wizards of Waverly Place is advertised....let's not let that get out- it might change the image people have of me.

In all honesty, I watch way more Disney Channel than any adult should be allowed to watch. Unless Adam is home and it is quickly changed to something sports related, that is until I can find the appropriate time to slide in the fact that "Ava" would much rather watch the Disney Channel. At which point he would kindly say, Ava is playing in her room...where there isn't even a TV......I'm hopeless, I have just admitted to the world that I am a Disney Channel addict. Hi, I'm Stephanie, and I have a problem.

I'm sure Adam would be thrilled if I would give the whole Disney thing a rest, but I justify my endless hours of Disney Channel watching with the claims that it is "thoughtless tv watching" and "brings me back to my days of being a kid" and we all know that it is my love for the characters and the thought-provoking story lines that exist in each program.

Did I really just take up an entire post to talk about my tv watching addiction? Apparently I needed an excuse to keep my lazy self sitting in the reclined postion on the couch, knew my fingers needed a good workout and I would exert very little enegy with this particular workout.

Speaking of workouts and the real reason I began this self-shaming post- Adam and I are training for the River Run.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daddy comes for a visit

Last week Adam worked in Callahan for a few days and the week before he actually worked 2-10 in the evenings so he was able to keep Ava during the day and we would switch right before he left for work. Last Wenesday he came by to eat lunch with us and Ava enjoyed him being there so much. Especially when he would read books with her and ride her around on her 4-wheeler.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Secrets with Memaw

Memaw fell on December 27th and they had to take her to the hospital. The scans showed that she broke her hip so they had to perform surgery and then she had to be moved to rehab. Because of the new laws in the hospitals Ava wasn't allowed to go see her. We had to wait to see her when she came home. Nana called as soon as she was settled and we went to visit. She was exhausted and so glad to be home. We visited with her for a little while and went back
see her on Monday.

From the pictures, Ava seemed to bring out the little girl in Memaw.

I'm not sure what secrets were being passed between the two- but it sured looked fun!


Friday, January 22, 2010

A Beautiful Day

After the disastrous weather we had yesterday, tornado warnings and all, we needed a day with good weather to exert some energy. Today was absolutely beautiful, the weather was perfect in every way. We went outside to play around for a little while.

Adam was hitting with his golf clubs and Ava decided she wanted in on the action. Now, before you all starting thinking I am the overprotective parent that makes my child wear a helmet to hit golf balls- let me just say that golf is a dangerous sport- haha! Ava was actually wearing the helmet because she had been riding her tricycle.

Here she is studying her next shot

Oh no! She must have sliced it!

She decided to use a mulligan!

I think she signed autographs on her way out- I think her golf skills made her daddy proud today :)

The real reason she was wearing her helmet- We are so glad it Friday! We have a friend's birthday party to attend tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be great so we should have a great day!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

The devastation that is seen in videos and pictures coming from Haiti after the earthquake is enough to make everyone lose sleep. The pictures of collapsed buildings, injured people and even bodies of people lining the streets are horrifying. After seeing one picture of a man carrying his daughter- a baby about Ava's age- who had died in the earthquake makes me want to hold her tight and never let go. After seeing that particular picture I had to stop- I couldn't do it anymore. I can't watch the news, I can't read any reports- I just look away. My heart is aching for these people. There is so much that needs to be done and so much help that needs to be provided, but I feel useless since I can't hop on a plane and fly down there.

I have realized through many tragedies closer to home (although none as widespread as this, but tragedies all the same) that I am a fixer- I see a problem and I want to fix it. I have also realized that there are times you can't fix things and even more importantly I am not the one in control. Yes, I question God and Why he allowed something like this to happen. I question him and I am not even the one who lost a child/mother/father/sibling/relative/friend...yet I saw a glimmer of hope as I read some of the reports (before I blocked them all out) of singing in the streets and people continuing to praise God- amidst all the dust, debris, and death- they were still praising God. I would like to say that I would do the same- It would be hard to praise the God who allowed the devastation to happen. I think if we were all honest we would all agree. Praising God when we are on a mountain top is one thing- praising him as we walk through a storm is another.

Since I can't fix the situation or fly down to help. I did donate. And more importantly I am praying. I am praying for the people of Haiti, I am praying for the United Nations and the wisdom to make the right choices in their recovery efforts, I am praying for the rescue teams who were able to fly down for their strength, energy, and wisdom in their decisions. I am also praying for myself- that I would be able to praise him through whatever storm I walk through in my lifetime. At the same time I am thanking him for allowing my family to be safe and healthy.

To Donate: you can text HAITI (American Red Cross) or DISASTER (Compassion) to 90999 to donate $10 billed on your next wireless bill or visit their websites to donate a larger amount


Matt and Em's Wedding

Congratualtions to Mr and Mrs. Matt Penny!!!

Remember how I told you about the peg game? Well it kept her entertained for most of our dinner. We were in the corner (again!) which worked out great, we blocked Ava from being able to get out and she sat and played while we ate.

Ava decided she wanted to cut a rug on the dance floor-

I know it's inevitable for my baby girl to grow up- but as I watched Matt and Em dance their first dance, it really hit me that Ava will one day be doing this same thing and I have to be honest and say I wasn't crazy about the thought. Weddings must be bittersweet for parents. I most definitely do not want her to grow up as fast as she is!!!

Emily and her grandfather- He had never danced before and that night he danced with 2 of his grandaughters and his wife (of 54 years)- it was so sweet! I know they will never forget it!

Barbara giving her toast/speech at the reception

Again with her random "pose" on the floor

Garrett "cut in" on Big Papa to dance with Grammy.

The Sisters

The beautiful bride, her sister, Ava and myself. Ava admired Em's dress the entire night, everytime she walked by she would want to touch it. Emily told her that one day she will be able to have one- OH BOY! I don't even want to think about that day quite yet!

The wedding was beautiful and we all had a great time. It was nice to be able to visit with family. Ava and I were both worn out by the time we finshed packing up the cars after the reception. As soon as I strapped her in her carseat she was out! She didn't hardly wake up when I undressed and put on her pajamas when we made it back to the hotel. I think it will take us a good week to recoup from the weekend.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Emily's Rehearsal Dinner

Apparently this child wanted something to eat and it wasn't coming fast enough! Haha!

Matt and Emily's rehearsal dinner was very nice- kudos to Matt's parents. When we arrived at the restaurant it was freezing outside (literally) and we basically ran- in heels- from the parking garage to the restaurant. Once inside- it warmed up fast. They had a room where everyone hung their coat and it took me forever to find mine when we went to leave- apparently everyone wears black wool coats :) The had a cocktail hour before the actual dinner started- it was nice to be able to visit with everyone. Ava did really well until around 9:00 when she just couldn't handle it anymore. She hadn't had much of a nap and was so tired, she wouldn't go to sleep for anything, so mom and I left a little early so we could put her to bed. I hated to miss out on all of the speeches (which I heard were wonderful), but this goes with the territory of becoming a mother :) We sat at a table with my dear cousins- someone must have thought we would be rowdy since every table we sat at this weekend was in the back corner -haha! We have such a great time when we get together with my cousins. We may go forever without seeing each other, but pick up right where we left off- usually making fun of somone- haha!

Garrett and Caitlin

Meghan wanted her picture taken - so she had it made with the table card- haha!
I have to say that I believe we had the best table at the rehersal dinner :) We even had the "amoh*" at our table - haha!
*Amoh is the endearing term given to Elyse - Assistant to the Maid of Honor

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emily's Bridal Luncheon

Wow, did we ever have a busy weekend! We left Thursday afternoon to head up to North Carolina to take part in all the wedding festivities for my cousin, Emily. Let me just start by saying the 400 (exact) miles on 95 make the trip there and back very very very long! Emily- you must know we love you :)

There was a bridal luncheon that my Aunt was giving the beautiful bride and we all wanted to help so we headed up on Thursday so we could be there Friday morning. Ava did so great in the car, she started to get a little fussy the last hour, but she was easily entertained- as long as we acted goofy!

The luncheon was fun and it allowed us to spend time with our girl cousins and aunts that we don't get to see very often. Oddly enough, I don't have any pictures of the bride from the luncheon.

Ava had a blast entertaining everyone and since she was the only child there, she received a lot of attention.

After the luncheon we headed back to the hotel room and let Ava play for a little while. About a month ago, we were eating in Cracker Barrel and realized that this child would sit still for hours just plugging pegs in and taking them out of the little peg game they have on the tables. So, we bought her one to keep in the diaper bag- let me tell you- that little $2.75 game has been sooooo worth it. She will play and play and play with it and it is so funny to watch her get the pegs just right in her fingers and place them in the holes.

She also does this new pose where she lays on her side on the floor- it is the funniest thing and she does it at such random times.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but my child is a little OCD. Yes, she has a problem....she has got to be the tidiest child I have ever met. Everthing must be put away and though she doesn't always put it away in the right spot- it is put away. Shoes must be picked up, clothes must be in the hamper, toys must be in her boxes or bags...its amazing to watch her do this on a consistent basis. Well, Friday, while we were in the hotel room, she took everything out of one of her bags, I am assuming just to see what all was in there. After she finished, she put everything back, but in the process, picked my shoes up off the floor, placed them on the couch (I guess I will have to teach her not to put shoes on furniture) and she apparently thought they were a little stinky and needed a good cleaning. She placed soap, lotion, and a brush in them. So of course I had to get my camera to take a picture :) Ha ha!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heading Out

Ava and I are leaving today and travelling to North Carolina to attend a cousins wedding. I am crossing my fingers that it will snow while we are up there. I don't think it will, but a girl can wish, right? The last time Ava saw snow, she had just turned 5 months old- I'm sure her reaction would be quite different this time. The high for Friday is 36, the high for Saturday is 38, and Sunday is 36 is going to be a tad chilly and I am so excited. The weather we have had over the past few days here in Florida has been my kind of weather!

We will be busy the entire weekend with wedding festivities and of course visiting with family. We are sure to have a great time and I am definitely sure we will be worn out by the time we return on Sunday.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ava's First Official Boo-Boo

It has been so cold here, well cold for Florida- I don't guess people further North would think its that cold, especially since I talked to someone yesterday who left 4 degrees to come to Florida....he was enjoying the 20 degree weather, anyways, I digress...It's been cold here and I have to bundle Ava up every morning before we head out to work. She has her hat, coat, and gloves on- so cute :) Yesterday morning I was getting her out at the office and placed her on the ground and told her to stay right there- haha! Yeah right! She headed off and I called after her, to stop and stay right there (just for clarification she wasn't more than 3 feet from me, but I was getting things out of the car- I didn't want people to think I just let my child run wild in parking lots) As she hurriedly tried to run away from me, her hat dropped to cover her eyes and the next step she took she fell and hit my flower pot :( She started to cry and I pick her up lecturing her about "that's what you get for not listening..." and then I realize she has blood pouring from her mouth so I ran over to the store (next door) and get a wet rag to clean her up and survey the damage. Of course, you know me- I'm a blogging mom- as soon as she is cleaned up and has stopped crying I have to grab my camera and document this first boo-boo (one of many I'm sure will happen) If you look at her lip you can see where I think she bit down on it when she fell- you know since she has 14 teeth now, this might become a problem with future falls

Ava Elisabeth: January 2010

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