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Ava Elisabeth: January 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 Month Checkup

Ava had her 4 month check up on Wednesday. She received 4 shots, poor thing, and checked out great. We also had her ear pierced....oooo my dad was mad with me for having them done! They don't seem to bother her at all and are so cute on her! Her 4 month stats are:
Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz
Lenght: 23 inches
She is still so tiny, but such a fireball. She always wants to be up and looking around. She still sleeps with one eye partially open so she never misses a thing! She can still wear her newborn clothes, but she is starting to wear more 0-3 month clothes.

BCS National Championship

Thursday night was the BCS National Championship and of course the Gators were playing. We had a party at a local furniture store, the owners opened it up and invited a few friends and we had every TV in the store on and the recliners all pulled up around the TVs to watch. We ate and the women actually decided to shop while we were there....I think they knew what they were doing when they asked us over :) I picked out my new kitchen table and its actually what the women sat around and talked over the whole night, so I knew it was comfortable. We had a really good time.

Bath Time

Ava has always loved a bath, since the day she was born, something about bath time calmed her down, for Christmas, she recieved a bunch of bath toys, so I decided to take a few pictures of her favorite thing to do...
This is after her bath, she was all snuggled up in her robe with her new doll...isn't she so sweet!

Ava and Reese

My Aunt Vicki came by and wanted to take Ava to see Reese (Jobeth’s sweet little girl). I decided to go with her since Ava was a little fussy. When we go to Reese’s Nona’s house (Jobeth was working) Reese was asleep. We decided to swing in the swing outside and visit for a few minutes. We weren’t there very long before Reese woke up and came outside to join us. It was so funny, the look on Reese’s face when she saw Ava. As I mentioned, she had just woke up from a nap, so I think she was still a little disoriented, but she had this look that was just priceless on her face. She kept looking at Ava and would seem so confused, and look at me, and then back at her Nona, it seemed she was thinking, ‘Who is this baby and what is she doing swinging in my swing?!’ After a few minutes she warmed up to Ava. It was soo cute. Of course, Reese is 5 months older than Ava, but they still seemed to be able to understand each other, on some level. Ava would just smile at her and kept kicking her feet and Reese (which is how Ava shows she is excited and happy) while Reese went for the things that mattered, the hairbow and bracelet! It was so odd to think about Jobeth and myself at that age and how we have known each other for so long and now we have kids of our own! I think there will be many more pictures to come of Ava and Reese’s play dates!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ava's First Taste of Cereal

Ava had her first taste of cereal on January 4, 2008, the day before her 4 month birthday. We decided to try and see if I would make a difference in her going longer between feedings. Well, I’m here to say….it didn’t! She still wanted to eat 4 hours later, which is normal for her right now. So, we decided we would wait until the doctor wanted us to try it. Here are a few pictures of her trying it for the first time. I think more of it got on her than in her…

1st Visit to the Beach

Okay, so only in Florida would you be able to take a 3 month old to the beach in between Christmas and New Years and not have them freeze! We decided to take Ava to the beach a couple of weeks ago since it was such great weather. We knew we wouldn't stay long as she would become tired very fast. She seemed to enjoy it. I am betting on her being a beach girl and loving the water as much as she loves getting a bath, but we will see.

Happy New Year

Yes, I know, its a several days late, but at least its being done! We have had one heck of a year. I'm just shy of having been pregnant 1 year it has been a long year...but a fabulous one! Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that this beautiful little girl is all mine! (Well, Adam had a little to do with it) This may sound sad, or may sound like the mother of an infant, but as I think about 2009, I am wondering at what point I may acutally get a good nights sleep?! As I mentioned before, it has been almost a year since I had gotten pregnant and when I was about 5 weeks, the sickness started and it never left, until I had Ava, and now...well, I'm not quite sure what sleep is anymore :) To sum up 2009 all I have to say is:
From this......

The day we found out I was pregnant.
To this......

Kelly, this picture is for you...Ava wore her uggs for you to see on New Year's Day...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Last 2 Stops- Christmas

Okay, so we are nearing the end of the Christmas posts (finally). Our last 2 stops of the day were to Adam's parents house and then back to my parents' house for my mom's side of the family. We had already done Christmas with Adam's parents and brother on Tuesday night, so we were really just going to see the rest of his family. We didn't stay very long, just long enough to visit, and let everyone see Ava. After we left their house, we went to my parents' house. Aunt Robin bought Ava her very own Minnie Mouse...(to go along with all of the Minnie and Me books we have for her from when Stacey was little). It was acutally bigger than she was, which isn't saying much at this point!

Ashley and Ava

Sam and Ava

Adam and his new outfit...won't that look great on him at the Jaguar games next year?!

She was into the paper, but that was about all she could handle (and the bows)

3rd Stop- Christmas

It has been a tradition as long as I can remember for us to travel over to Nana's for breakfast and for as long as I can remember, Uncle Brad always cooks the eggs (to order of course!) and every year, the guys have a wrapping paper fight (although this year it was as aggressive as it has been in the past, due to the newest addition).
Bradley was home for Christmas so we had to get a shot of  him with Ava

The Picketts

 The Bryants

As many of you know, Adam and I are huge Jaguar fans. Well, my cousin bleeds white and blue for the cowboys (although we are trying our best to persuade him to the right side). For Christmas, he bought Ava a present....can you guess what it was? Dallas Cowboy socks! He also bought her a gator that we can use!

She seems to be laughing at him about this...

Nana bought her a Madame Alexander doll, Huggums. She loved from the moment we took the doll out of the box

Nana also bought her a Tarantino bracelet...can you believe they make these for 0-3 months? She will look fabulous in all of her jewelry she received this Christmas...let's hope she turns out to be a girly girl! 

2nd Stop- Christmas

Our next stop is my parents house to do our Christmas with them and my sister. We don't spend long here, just enough time to open presents from each other and load up the car.

Adam opening his 'box of rocks' from my, really, it was a box of rocks! (It had a gift card in the very bottom)

Ava Elisabeth: January 2009

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