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Ava Elisabeth: October 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 1st Halloween!

Ava is still much to small to even think about fitting into a costume, they all start at 0-3 months and she still has a hard time fitting into some of her newborn sized clothes! So, we opted for a cute Halloween outfit, she is so adorable :) 

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Month Check up

So we went today for Ava's 2 month check up and she received her first round of shots. I can't stand to watch them prick or poke her and she has had her fair share of it since she was born. She was so brave and hardly cried, while I on the other hand have been dreading this day since we made the appointment and teared up a little myself as I tried to keep her calm. The doctor said she looked great, but also suggested we have a sonogram done on her hips since she was breeched at birth. She told us that it probably won't be anything, but it is better to be safe than sorry and she wants us to have it done before she is 3 months old. The problem could be that where her joints meet and tighten it might be in the wrong place and that is more common in breeched babies and even more common in breeched girl babies. So looks like we will be running over to Baptist in the near future to have a sonogram done- at least it isn't anything invasive. One interesting thing we learned from the visit today is that I asked whether she thought she might be tall (like her daddy) and she said she would guess average height- around 5'6", which is exactly how tall I am- Adam and I couldn't believe it. Everyone, included myself and Adam thought she would be tall, she gets it from her dad and my entire side of the family (excluding myself) we couldn't believe she thought 5'6". She seems to be so long, but the doctor seemed pretty confident in her answer, she did add that they would have a more accurate guess as she got a little older. Overall it was a good doctor visit, minus the horrible shots! 

Her 2 month stats: 
22 in. long
8 lbs 3 oz (with a wet diaper- she is still so tiny)
14.5 in - head 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WARNING: Guys beware...

I stumbled upon this post a few days back and thought it was so perfectly fitting and also true. I got a good laugh out of it and I wanted to share. However, I am warning any guy ahead of time- it contains the following words: breastfeeding and nipple.

Anyone who has ever breastfed will enjoy this post, click here.

7 Hours of Uninterrupted Sleep!!!

So last night, when Ava ate for her bedtime meal, she seemed to eat for an eternity. She normally eats for about 20 minutes and is done, well, last night, she ate for almost 40 minutes and I, like a bad mommy was complaining. But to my defense I was tired and I didn't realize that she would sleep for the next 7.5 hours! When I woke up to her fussing, I glanced at the clock expecting it to be about was 5:15! I had to rub my eyes and blink a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming or imaginig things. She slept for about 7.5 hours, which means I got about 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This is a big deal- I haven't gotten that much sleep since I was less than 3 months pregnant! (At least now, I'm not waking up and having to run to the bathroom because I am so sick). It felt so good. I know not to have my hopes up for a repeat of this anytime soon- but hooray for small victories!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So I have to put an addendum in my blog, I had posted recently that no one took a "family" photo of us until Ava was about 3 weeks old. However, Auntie Robin took a picture of us when she was 1 day old...hooray for Auntie Robin! While its not a great picture of is one I will treasure since it truly is our first family photo.

On a side note- look at the difference 2-3 weeks can make, I look so much better- still not to the point I want to be, but I will most certainly take it. 24 hours after my c-section I stood up for the first time and couldn't move my legs, they were like Jello thanks to the Mag Sulfate, so it was the 2nd morning before I was able to slowly make my way to the bathroom to take a shower- which was more like- just stand there and let the water hit you while you don't move! When I got out of the shower the nurse wanted to weigh me....I had only lost 2 lbs!!!!! I looked at Adam and said- she weighed 5 pounds, I should at least be 5 lbs lighter!!! LoL! Dr. Long- I love him!- said that I would be surprised at how quickly it would come off when I started to actually lose the water weight- he was right!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Memaw's 94th Birthday

I posted earlier about Molly's going away part and how it was also a birthday party for my great-grandmother who turned 94, but I felt I should do a separate post just for her. Born October 10th, 1914, she has lived a long, very long life. I can't imagine all the things she has seen and been apart of during her lifetime. I also can't help but think that when people say 'lifetime' they usually don't think of making it to 94...I am glad Memaw is still alive and well, she has lived long enough to see and spend time with her first great-great-grandchild, not many people can say they had that opportunity. She has seen her just about every week day- she comes over and visits her at the office if I haven't taken her over to her office by 10:00. :)

At her birthday party, Memaw held Ava as she blew out the candles on her cake, no we didn't put 94 candles on the cake, I believe the fire department would have to come put out that cake if we were to have 94 candles! The pictures that were taken that day will be treasured a newborn, 5 weeks old, being held by her great-great-grandmother who turned 94.

Happy Birthday Memaw!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Aunt Molly

Ava's "Aunt" Molly (really cousin Molly, but she will be called Aunt Molly) is leaving on Wednesday and will be gone for 2 whole years! While we all hate to see her leave, we know that she is going to have a wonderful time and with a little thing called the internet, we know that she will never be out of touch. We had a goodbye party for Molly today and a birthday party for Ava's great-great grandmother (Memaw) who turned a young 94 on Friday. We have Molly's picture, which we will show Ava and let her know...."This is your Aunt Molly!" :)

We'll miss you Molly- but we know you are going to have so many once in a lifetime moments and the 2 years will be over before we know it!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Such a good baby...

I have such a good baby, she never cries and hasn't given us any problems, but lately... Yep, I have started to see these bouts of the hidden screamer. She gets into these moods, usually first thing in the morning or in the evening where all she wants is to be held. I have no problem picking her up and loving on her, except I'm usually trying to get ready for work or fix/eat dinner when she gets into one of these moods and Adam can't seem to calm her down either, as soon as I pick her up, she's fine, but I absolutely cannot put her back down. This morning I had to get ready one handed, I really didn't realize how fortunate I was before she was born to be able to eat in peace, bathe in peace, and get ready in peace....however, I'll take her over any of those things (I say that as she is sleeping now!) :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 Generations

It's not very often that a family can say there are 5 living generations in it, but our family can now, with the addition of Ava! Ava's Great-great-grandmother (who is turning 94 this Friday, Ava's Great-grandmother, Ava's Grandfather, and Ava's mom (me- that still sounds so weird) gathered for a picture this past Sunday. We knew we had better capture it on film before too much time past- you never know what the future holds!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm 1 Month Old Today!

I can't believe Ava is 1 month old today, time is flying by....
P.S. GO JAGS!!!! :)

Ava Elisabeth: October 2008

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