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Ava Elisabeth: April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disney Day 4: Hollywood Studios


Our 4th day of vacation was spent at Hollywood Studios, which worked out great since it was the rainiest day and since HS has mostly indoor attractions we were relatively safe from the rain. Luckily it only rained for a short time and not the entire day.


I don't do rides, at least not grown-up rides- I can't handle it. Which at this stage works out okay since Ava doesn't ride them either. While we were visiting some of the younger-themed attractions, Aunt Robin, Elyse, and Uncle Scott rode Tower of Terror... all I can say is Ain't. No. Way.


We had lunch reservations at the 50's Prime Time Café. We love this restaurant- its always so fun! Adam came in and made himself right at home- in front of TV. The entire restaurant is themed to be like you are in your mom's kitchen in the 1950's.


Everything resembled the 1950's and it even has TVs at some of the tables showing shows from that time period.


Ava and her best buddy for the week- Elyse. Every ride she wanted to ride with Elyse, every time we sat down, she wanted to sit by Elyse, every time we walked, she wanted to walk with Elyse.


There were some visitors that came in while we were eating...


One of them even tried to get a little chummy with Adam! I thought I was going to have to go all gangster on her (haha- see how I'm trying to stick with the theme?)


The desert menu was on the viewmaster- this is probably the only time Ava will ever use or even see one of these.


So I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but Ava has this imaginary sister- her name is Crimball- like seriously! She always blames 'her sister' when I find a mess at the house, of course, its so funny. Well she had mentioned to Aunt Ann that is was Crimball's birthday, and if  you know Aunt even in the slightest, you know she is a nut :) She had our waiter get a cupcake and made the restaurant sing happy birthday to Crimball. This was right after our waiter had just finished yelling at a guy to eat his green beans that he left on his plate (just like mama!) haha!


After lunch we took Ava to see Jake and Disney Junior Live. She has seen this show once before but it had been changed recently to add the new additions of Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First (two of her favorite shows!)





Jake and the Neverland Pirates


After watching Disney Junior, Adam, Elyse, Uncle Scott, Aunt Ann, and Aunt Robin went to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster. Okay- I'm not sure what the guy in the front of Uncle Scott's car is doing but I crack up every single time I see it! haha!


Mom, Ava, and I grabbed a cupcake to eat, we bought the big- Butterfinger one for Adam.


After our snack we headed to ride the Backlot Tour ride



Ava loves The Sound of Music (she is her mother's daughter!) and was so excited to see the puppets from the movie! Lay-ee odl-lay-ee odl-oo


Hollywood Studios closed relatively early this particular day, which was okay with us since we were all pretty tired anyways. On the way out we stopped to have our picture taken in front of the giant sorcerer's hat.





We headed back to the hotel and Ava, who had been dying to swim again, wanted to go swim at the big pool with the water slide but it was too late and the slide wasn't running, but she still decided to get in and swim. She somehow also sweet talked her daddy into getting in as well.


We all sat around watching them swim and even thought it was Florida, it was still a little chilly- especially to be swimming, but she had the best time. Tomorrow we would be spending the day at the Animal Kingdom!

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Disney Day 3: Cinderella’s Royal Table


Since Elyse ran in the half marathon, her only request was that we eat dinner in Cinderella's Castle. We actually made the reservations on our way up to Wake Forest for Garrett & Cait's wedding- so we were excited and very much looking forward to this night.


Ava, was of course, thrilled to be eating in the castle. She has eaten with the princesses a few times, but we've never done it in the castle and it worked out that it was the same day we were able to get all dressed up at the BBB.



Stacey drove down and met us for the day just to take part in the dinner! Stacey hears the mention of food and she is there- just don't expect her to eat a lot, which is why she will be starving in about 2 hours!


We were seated and luckily we had seats where we could look out the windows and see the back part of the theme park. Since we had such a large party, we had to sit at 2 separate tables, but they were close enough to each other we still felt we were sitting together.





All the girls were given wands and the guys (Adam and Uncle Scott) were given swords. Adam just thought it was a big butter knife ;)


Throughout the meal the princesses would come around and visit.



Since Elyse was the 'Princess' at her table we insisted she take pictures with the princesses :)





The meal was a true 3 course meal, you chose your salad, entrée and dessert. Ava got a cupcake that she could decorate on her own- loads of sugar at 10:00 at night?! Why not?!



We had someone snap a picture of us with our wands and swords after dinner- we had such a fun time. I think my mom said it was her favorite thing she has ever done at Disney.


The park closed at 9:00 this particular night and it was after 10:00 so the place was practically empty, something you don't see very often. It was nice to be able to walk down Main Street USA and not have to dodge people and strollers!



So Ava, decides she wants to lead a parade, she made everyone stand behind her and we all had to march like we were in a parade going down main street. We made Adam and Uncle Scott run up a little ways and video us. It was so funny. I laughed so hard. We were all marching and waving our wands and there was only one other group of people walking out behind us so on the video it really looks like she is leading  a parade and in her mind- she did!



When we made it back to the room, Ava had a surprise waiting for her. According to Ava, Tiana sent her this baby Rapunzel doll since she knew that she was dressing up like Rapunzel and she knew she was staying in her princess room. She just thought it was the most special gift. Unfortunately it was time to take her hair down and her make up off. I have to say, I had tears in my eyes when I thought of all the fun we had with our princess. She is growing up way to fast, but at the same time, I'm loving the little person she is becoming! I'm pretty certain we will be doing this again soon!

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Ava Elisabeth: April 2013

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